PocketART is a project that travelled on my mind for at least two years before seeing the daylight. I'd bought the material and prepared a few demos, but never had the will to go forward with it.

It's nothing new, but basically an association of ideas from other artists. Rather than destroying old artwork or small sketches that lay around everywhere at my place, why not give them away? And now this project is running since december of 2012.

As Kathleen Harrington wrote, ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) and ACEOs (Art Cards Editions and Originals) are widely spread and have being used from a long time. Migvel Tepes, a fellow artist, cut into small squares the protective paper he used on top of his drawing board and used them as personal cards; my master Daniel Hompesch cut into several pieces the metal etching he used for the prints and mailed it to their buyers; and so many other creative artists made similar things.

Althougt these pocket art objects cannot be truly branded as ATCs or ACEOs, mainly because of its size, it's also true that they work pretty well as such. Real ones measure 2.5x3.5" (6.35x8.89cm) and mine are smaller, around 4.9x8.1cm cards laminated to an itsy bitsy bigger.

I cut my old artwork into several pieces, laminate them, add my personal contacts on the back as well as a qr-code that aims to the full work at this website. The lamination process acts as varnishing topping embellishing the coulors. Only the one person given access to that qr-code may see the full work (unless he shares the link of course, ... and be free to do so).


Til today I've cut 25 artwork(s) into a total of 176 PocketART pieces.

From the 176 cards made, 64 were used in the total number of 2569 visits.

See an example here.

If you wish to receive one of my PocketART pieces, do mail me at info@envidenefelibata.com your home or office address.